Dette er en oversigt over H0 stationer - primært europæiske.

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ArtitecArtitec Stations

Norsk Station "Nittedal"


Artitec 9.018

Dette er den tredie norske station fra NMJ. En stationstype som er bygget på mange stationer på flere baner, bl.a. Bergensbanens Urdland, Gjøvikbanens Nittedal og Arendalsbanens Froland og Rise som var grenstasjon mellem Arendalsbanen og Grimstadbanen. Videre Flikeid på Flekkefjordbanen.

Sælges også som: "9.017 Station NSB": Bl.a. "Froland, Rise, Flikkeid, Urdland, Nittedal, Grua, Heskestad".

Material: Resin.

NMJ modell produceres eksklusivt for NMJ af Artitec.

Se originalbygningerne på:

Pris: NKR 795.00 (2009)

Station Veggli typ NSB

Artitec 9.022

Model af Veggli Stations typen med godshus. Denne station blev bygget både i Numedal, Norefjord, Veggli, Gvammen, endvidere bl.a i Tjønnes, Herefoss opå Sørlandsbanen. Vidare på Vafoss på Kragerøbanen, Kvatninga på Namsosbanen, og flere på Nordlandsbanen. Byggesæt med alle detaljer, vinduesrammer og døre eksakt som på forbilledet.

Kun fundet hos

10.128 Station Vafoss i anden farve?

Station "Eina"

Artitec 10.120

Norsk station

Pris: Set til NKR 990 (2009)

Udsolgt (2009). Foto: NMJ

Station "Eina" på wikipedia

Station Nyåker

Artitec 10.121

NMJ (nr. 9030)


Ca 120 x 240 mm

Set til € 108.00




Station Vafoss

Artitec 10.128

Set som 9.020 NMJ Station Veggli typen på (Udsolgt 2009)

NMJ modell produceres eksklusivt for NMJ af Artitec.






Station Drübeck

Artitec 10.155

Geographically, Prussian railway stations for secondary lines like this are scattered from the Dutch border all the way into Poland. The model shows all details of the building very realistically. Equipped with two annexes, this station can be used almost universally.

Længde: 15 cm





Station "Eisloo"

Artitec 10.175

Findes ikke længere på Artitecs hjemmeside (2009)






Station "Holtwick"

Artitec 10.183

Findes ikke længere på Artitecs hjemmeside (2009)





Station "Mauzens-Miremont"

Artitec 10.227

180 x 127 x 116

Nyhed 2005






AuhagenAuhagen stations

Station "Radeburg"

Auhagen 11329

This kit was produced to celebrate the centennial of the branch line between Radebeul East and Radeburg. Authentic, historically accurate model of the terminus with its booking hall, administration building, freight shed and ramp. Authentic historical model.

410 x 120 x 108 mm

Listepris 2009: € 19.50

Station "Hohendorf"

Auhagen 11331

Compact booking hall with goods platform, equipment shed, toilets and an assortment of typical accessories. Ideal for a first layout or as an auxiliary station.

240 x 95 x 113 mm

Listepris 2009: € 13.50

(Former Vero 3/31-1)

auhagen 11331 box





Station "Klingenberg-Colmnitz"

Auhagen 11346

Arrivals building of the Deutsche Reichsbahn from Dresden to Chemnitz. Authentic historical model

400 x 130 x 130 mm

Listepris 2009: € 26.60




Station "Goyatz"

Auhagen 11347

An exact scale model of a branch line booking hall. The prototype stood on the Spree Forest Railway, a metre-gauge line built between 1898 and 1904. The "little train", as it was known, symbolized technical progress. Eventually, it too fell victim to the lure of the automobile's mobility, and the last stretch of track was closed in 1970. The fascinating story of the Spree Forest Railway is told in "Die Spreewaldbahn", published in German by "Transpress-Verlag". Authentic historical model.

190 x 110 x 120 mm

Listepris 2009: 31.00 €

Station "Holzmühle"

Auhagen 11357

A small wooden-sided building with a covered waiting room and bench around it, signal bell and letterbox.

110 x 40 x 46 mm

Listepris 2009: € 10.95






Station "Obergittersee"

Auhagen 11358

Modelled on the now-restored original station on the "Windberg Line" in Saxony. Signal bell, letterbox and a bench for the waiting room are included. The wooden-sided buildings are particularly appropriate for romantic small layouts with branch lines. The out-building in the same style can be used as an equipment shed, etc.

180 x 40 x 46 mm & 70 x 40 x 46 mm

Listepris 2009: € 13.80

Small station "Bannewitz"

Auhagen 11361

110 x 40 x 46mm

Pris: Set til $13.13

Findes ikke længere på Auhagens hjemmeside!






Station "Oberrittersgrün"

Auhagen 11362

Model of the Oberrittersgrün narrow gauge railway station. The line operated from 1889 to 1971 and was opened as a museum in 1977.

245 x 140 x 100 mm

Listepris 2009: € 17.70





Station "Flöhatal"

Auhagen 11368

Typical small arrivals building with goods shed, separate entrance to the cafe, wall clock etc. Modelled on prototypes on the Flöha-Marienberg-Reitzenhain line in Saxony. Authentic historical model.

340 x 130 x 130 mm

Listepris 2009: € 32.90


Station "Plottenstein"

Auhagen 11369

A typical Austrian station. The arrivals building with the platform veranda and outbuilding was modelled on the "Pottenstein an der Triesting" station on the Southwestern Railway (Südwestbahn). Round gable windows, decorative background for turn-of-the-century scenes.

420 x 180 x 130 mm

Listepris 2009: € 35.90

Station "Neupreußen"

Auhagen 11380

An impressive, finely detailed model of a station in the North German style with typical Prussian architectural features. The gingerbread frieze, also known as a German strip, on the facade and the segmented brick arches over the curved window with a runner layer above. The station room is supported by ornate cast iron columns. The base must be laid level with the enclosed footpath on the street side.

405 x 178 x 150 mm

Listepris 2009: € 51.90. Set til DKK 370

Station "Krakow"

Auhagen 11381

Modelled on the station building at Krakow am See on the Güstrow - Plau - Pritzwalk line in Mecklenburg. The booking hall reflects the typical Prussian style, featuring economic brick construction and minimalist decoration achieved by the artistry of master bricklayers. The model is designed to be appropriate for two separate eras. The first variant is from Era II around 1900, with a wooden shed. As the years went by, buildings were altered and added. Today (from Era IV onwards) it features a massive addition with modern windows. Parts for both versions are included. The choice is yours. The original brick facade has been lovingly reproduced, along with such details as the clock and lamps, to bring the charm of both eras to your layout. Authentic historical model.

Krakow am See i virkeligheden: og

265 x 135 x 135 mm Listepris 2009: € 40.90

Small station "Borsdorf"

Auhagen 11407

Small wooden station with fence, train timetable, signal bell and sign. Also includes a whitewashed toilet with screen.

133 x 73 x 85 mm
 45 x 55 x 38 mm

Listepris 2009: € 13.55

Station "Grünberg"

Auhagen 11413

A small town station with many eye-catching accessories: platform, steps for the street side, clock, lamps, outdoor washbasins, arrivals and departures board and bicycle stands.

285 x 120 x 115 mm
Platform 465 mm x 10 mm

Listepris 2009: € 24.90

(Former Vero 37029)




Station "Unterschonbach"

Auhagen 11415

With shed and toilet. These buildings stood on the Taubenheim-Dürrhennersdorf line. They can also be used in many ways away from the tracks, eg, as a garden bower, bike shed behind the block of flats, etc. Wood clad separate, outdoor toilets were often seen on branch lines.

Også set under nummeret 11372.

Nyhed 2008

41 x 29 x 38 mm
70 x 46 x 36 mm
60 x 36 x 35 mm

Listepris: € 9.90

Station "Barthmühle"

Auhagen 11418

The building, which was constructed in 1935, is located on the railway route of Elstertalbahn Gera - Greiz - Plauen (Vogtland) – Weischlitz, not far away from the Elster Valley Bridge. It is protected as architectural monument. This railway line was a major goods transport line after World War II because the towns and cities on the Weisse Elster River were major industrial locations. Long-distance trains to Czechoslovakia were also using this route. Original model

290 x 40 x 68 mm

Nyhed  07/2009

Station set

Auhagen 11900

Briescht Station, locomotive shed, fire house, locomotive refuelling fuel point These models were made using a photographic process and the natural light in which the photos were taken gives a 3D spatial impression. Printed on thick, high quality card. All are exact, true to scale models. The realism is further heightened by the addition of plastic parts from our scratchbuilding line, e.g. No.
41 609 gutters. Our diorama with freight shed made from plastic and tool shed from card shows the combination. Card building kits are a cheap alternative. Easy to build.

Listepris 2009: € 14.95

Starter set Station "Wachstädt"

Auhagen 15102

Wachstädt station, freight shed, track inspector's house with signal bell, winding handle, lamppost and level crossing, modeller's file.
360 x 125 x 130 mm & 150 x 90 x 80mm & 70 x 65 x 90mm & 150 x 130mm

Listepris 2009: € 35,50


Station set "Neukloster"

Auhagen 15103

Station, shed, locomotive shed, telegraph poles, platform sides, waterspout, paving stone sheets, benches, trees, modeller's file. Optional cellar entrance can be installed in the station. Also includes Polish signs.
Platform sides 2 pieces each 241 x 13 mm
Loco shed: Height of door opening without track 63 mm. Width of door 48 mm. Suitable for locomotives up to 208 mm length over buffers. When using track with built-in trackbed, equalise the height by excavating under the shed.

Neukloster station 225 x 100 x 115 mm

Locomotive shed 210 x 75 x 95 mm

Shed 128 x 43 x 66 mm

Waterspout 75 x 20 x 68 mm

Listepris 2009: € 59.90

epokemodellerEpokeModeller Stations

Station "Helsinge"

Helsinge Station

EpokeModeller 7040

Laserskåret karton

Station "Hareskov"


EpokeModeller 7044

Laserskåret karton

Nyhed 2010




Glyngøre station

epGlyngore2_500EpokeModeller 7045

Laserskåret karton

Nyhed 2011














Læs mere om Glyngøre station på epGlyngore4_250

Erik V. Pedersens hjemmeside:

Stationerne: Skive - Glyngøre


Station "Klütz"

Station Klütz

Epoke Modeller 7067

Station on the route Grevesmühlen-Klütz (wiki)

Pictures of the Real Station I

Pictures of the Real Station II

Laserskåret karton

14,5 x 16 x 13 cm

Klütz.pdf (7.38 MB)

Station "Gislinge"


EpokeModeller 7069

Model af Gislinge station på Odsherreds Jernbane (OHJ)

Laserskåret karton

Nyhed 2009.


Billede fra Nürnbergmessen




Øresundsvej station

epOresundsvej_500 EpokeModeller i samarbejde med OKT Model Import

Laserskåret karton

Læs om forbilledet Øresundsvej station på

og Øresundsvej stations flytning til frilandsmuseet på

Schmalzgrube station

epSchmalz_500EpokeModeller 7084

Forbilledet ligger ved Museumsbanen "Steinbach–Jöhstadt" i Tyskland. Mere info kan ses her:

Læs om juni 2010 nyheden her.

Fruens Bøge station

ep7085_500EpokeModeller 7085

Laserskåret karton

Læs mere om juni 2010 nyheden og dens forbillede her.


Faller StationsFaller

Ældre byggesæt af station

faB101Faller B101

Tak til


Wayside stop - "Hintertupfingen"

Faller 110091

With glass-roofed shelter and clock.

121 x 78 x 49 mm

Set til DKK. 79 (2009)


Small station - "Zindalstein"

Faller 110092

A typical country station.

202 x 102 x 75 mm







Station "Wiesental"

Faller 110093

370 x 140 x 115 mm.

Sandsynligvis udgået






Station "Breitenbach"

Faller 110094

80 x 182 x 26 mm

26 x 62 x 26 mm.

Sandsynligvis udgået




Wayside station “Sonnefeld”

Faller 110095

Clinker-built construction with integrated waiting room and platform (without roofing).

198 x 190 x 92

Nyhed 2008

Listepris (2009): € 34.99. Set til DKK. 268 (2009)



Station "Klingenberg"

F110096Faller 110096

Typical standard train station in clinker construction, walled base and window shutters. Material mix of coloured plastic, wood, and special cardboard parts. The adjoining freight shed is panelled with varnished genuine wood parts. Stairs, doors, and the loading ramp are also made of natural wood.
The matching toilet block, in same construction, is available under the article number 120238 (is not included).

Nyhed 2010

Laserskåret karton

246 x 140 x 150 mm

Pris (2010): Set til DKK 588

Wayside halt »Blumenfeld«

Faller 110097

250 x 140 x 120 mm

Listepris (2009): € 28,99









Station "St. Niklaus"

Faller 110098

Same as Faller 310650

Schweizer Bahnhof m.Güterschuppen

31,0 x 12,7 x 12,0

Udgået model

Se originalen:



Station "Waldbrunn"

Faller 110099

Typical provincial-town brick station, with roofed platform in cast iron construction. For extension the platforms art. 120204 are suitable.

240 x 125 x 135 mm

Nyhed 2004

Set til DKK 236 (2009)

Fås også som færdig model: 193099: Listepris (2009): € 35,95

Station "Lengmoos"

Faller 110100

306 x 175 x 116 mm.

Set til DKK 425








Station "Susch"

Faller 110101

335 x 150 x 115 mm.

Same as Faller 310740

Sandsynligvis udgået





Station "Friedrichstadt"

Faller 110102

1484 x 285 x 210 mm.

Exclusiv model. Over 1000 dele. På forsiden af Fallers katalog 2002-03

Ikke længere på Fallers hjemmeside. Sandsynligvis udgået.

Anden design.

Pictures of the area of the real station.

Pris: Set til € 149.52. Set til DKK 1095



Station "Lützen"

Faller 110103

404 x 134 x 150

Ikke længere på Fallers hjemmeside. Sandsynligvis udgået







Station "Kirchbach"

Faller 110104

Ikke længere på Fallers hjemmeside. Sandsynligvis udgået








Station "Talheim"

Faller 110105

239 x 115mm

Sandsynligvis udgået








Station »Falkenwalde«

Faller 110106

290 x 150 x 96 mm.

Laderampe til gods ved siden.

Sandsynligvis udgået








Station "Güglingen"

Faller 110107

Attached freight station, covered waiting room and separate utility building.

151 x 77 x 75 mm

308 x 140 x 142 mm







Station "Burgschwabach"

Faller 110108Faller 110108

Out of stock










Station "Bad Dürkheim"

Faller 110109

Classic mainline station with two angle wings and a central section, wide entrance areas on the street side and a covered platform on the track side.

500 x 280 x 190 mm

Nyhed 2006.





Station "Neustadt (Weinstraße)"

Faller 110111

Original reproduction of the city railway station built around the turn of the century, with detailed, abundant interior furnishings, opening portal doors, decoration parts and interesting internal lighting effects (not enclosed). The FALLER quartz real-time clock 180639 can be retrofitted as a station clock. Model-making is greatly simplified in that the building complex is glued together individually and jointed to make up the total model.

900 x 284 x 280 mm

Pris: Set til DKK 935



Station "Bonn"

Faller 110113

Consists of over 700 plastic parts in 9 colours. Many accessories add realism to the station. This building is especially impressive wh en illuminated! Modular construction allows you to arrange the five buildings in a wide variety of ways.

700 x 160 x 130 mm

Set til DKK 804 (2009)


henrik_h-j, Det værste, sammenlignelige eksempel, er nok Kibri og Fallers station Bonn, hvor Fallers nærmest er i størrelse TT.

See pictures of the real Bonn Station (half way down on the page)


Station "Trossingen"

Faller 110114

Reproduction of the »Trossingen« station from the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis in its original form as is has existed since 1898. Half-timbered construction, with wood siding on the attic floor, brickwork ground floor, annexed goods shed with loading ramps and add-on tower in the entrance area. The station still exists in modernized form.

360 x 190 x 245 mm

Nyhed 2005.

Set til DKK 630 (2009)



Station "Mittelstadt"

Faller 110115

A classic urban station with richly decorated facades, spacious entrance hall and many decorative accessories for the interior and around the building.

446 x 160 x 130 mm






Station "Schwarzburg"

Faller 110116

The »Schwarzburg« railway station, built around 1900, situated on the Rottenbach-Katzhütte (Thuringia) line, is the attraction of any model railway. Decorative half-timber construction, open, roofed shelter platform, richly structured hip roof and attached goods shed. The FALLER quartz real-time clock 180639 can be retrofitted as a station clock. Schwarzburg station – one of the most beautiful stations of Thuringia. Have a look at the faithful reproduction and you will agree with us that this is a very beautiful model for every railway modeller. This, indeed, is a kit which is characterized by its ideal dimensions of a railway station… a model of a railway station which permits the most varied station concepts to be implemented.

550 x 185 x 230 mm

Set til DKK 647 (2009)

Station "Gera-Liebschwitz"

Faller 110117

Originalgetreuer Nachbau des 1892 erbauten Bahnhofs, der südlich von Gera in Thüringen liegt. Typischer preußischer Baustiel in zweifarbiger Klinkerausführung, bestehend aus Hauptgebäude, Güterschuppen und Abfertigungs-/ Warteraum-Anbau.

475 x 190 x 160 mm

Nyhed 2007.

Set til DKK. 552 (2009)

Station set "Lichtenberg"

Faller 110120

Comprised of station building, adjoining goods shed, matching roofed platform, signal box with outside flight of stairs and small railway lodge. Classic patinated clinker built construction.

Nyhed 2009

315 x 173 x 170 / 120 x 80 x 120

715 x 55 x 63 / 72 x 64 x 59





Station "Volgelsheim"

F110121Faller 110121

Original replica of the train station located in the Alsace region, but can be used worldwide due to its construction.
Large-volume building in sand stone construction with floor-level entrance and exit doors and laterally adjoining waiting room. The colour scheme of the wall structure is realized true to life with an elaborate printing technique. The separate side building in the same colour scheme serves as a sanitary building.

Railway station: 293 x 142 x 206 mm

Sanitary building: 136 x 64 x 76 mm

Nyhed 2010

Pris: Set til DKK 745 (2010)


S-Bahn Station


Faller 120119












Station "Bergheim"

Faller 131280


285 x 142 x 105 mm

Set til € 19.99 (2009, eBay)








Station "Bad Schöntal"

Faller 131310

Færdigsamlet. Nyhed 2005

240 x 110 x 115 mm








Station med perron og remise

Faller 190174


Set til DKK 325





Stationssæt "Niederberg"

Faller 190187

Station med hovedbygning, signalpost, perron, vandtank og kran.

Set til € 29,99 (2009)
Set til DKK. 425 (2009)









Station "Nieder-Ramstadt-Traisa"

F193112Faller 193112

Station in clinker brick construction with framework and wood boarding on the top floor and short, roofed platform.

Ready-made model

Nyhed 2010

255 x 130 x 140 mm

Listepris (2010): € 43,99






Station "St. Niklaus"

Faller 310650 (Tidl. Pola)

Same as Faller 110098

Set til € 28,50 (2009)








Station "Nieder-Ramstadt"

Faller 310651 (Previous Pola)

Set til € 35,50 (2009)









Station "Ochsenhausen"


Faller 310652 (Previous Pola)












Station "Susch"

Faller 310740 (Tidl. Pola)

Same as Faller 110101.

Stationen Susch ligger egentlig i en schweizisk dal, hvori der løber en smalsporet bane. 

335 * 150 * 115 mm

Set til € 33,50 (2009)




Heljan Stations


Moderne banegård

Heljan 120

480 x 130 x 100

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 200 (2009)













Heljan 130

Heljan 130

190 x 75 x 100 mm

Listepris DKK 125 (2009)

Heljan 130








Station "Mariefred"

Heljan 135

Heljan 135

Svensk jernbanestation

Picture of the real Station "Mariefred".

210 x 140 x 180

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 200 (2009)

Heljan 135







Spansk banegård

Heljan 151

400 x 170 x 120 mm

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 225 (2009)

Se den også på








Spansk station

Heljan 152

225 x 190 x 90

Listepris DKK 225 (2009)












Station "Åmål", Provinsby station

Heljan 153

Jan Frelin, Stinsen: Heljan 153 "Provinsby" är i själva verket Åmål i Dalsland (och en standardtyp från BJ)

Picture of The Real Station "Åmål", Bergslagernas Järnväg.

250 x 150 x 110 mm

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 225 (2009)






Fransk banegård

Heljan 154

240 x 155 x 120

Listepris DKK 225 (2009)












Station "Klippan"

Lille station på landet

Heljan 156

Heljan 156




Lokstallslasse, Stinsen: Förebilden till "Lille station på landet" som stationshus "Klippan" på Klippan - Ljungbyheds Museijärnväg.

Picture from Ljungbyheds Museijärnväg.

First picture in this thread at forum Stinsen.

Info of different swedish stations found in the thread at Svenskt Modeljärnvägs Forum:

The model is very similar to Herrljungas first station building.

165 x 75 x 65 mm

Listepris DKK 175 (2009)


Provinsby station - "Holme Olstrup"

Heljan 157

475 x 165 x 95 mm

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 175 (2009)

Gert Frikke, sporskiftet: Jeg mener at Holme Olstrup var den første i korrekt skala H0.

Skovsøekspressen, sporskiftet: Stationsbygningen i Sundby bliver måske to Holme-Olstrup der er bygget ovenpå hinanden (efter ide fra tidl. nr. af Lokomotivet). Eller en kartonmodel fra et tysk firma, men ved det ikke helt endnu. Det kommer også an på hvad pladsen tillader, måske bliver det som relief.

Holme Olstrup

Holme Olstrup Station på wikipedia

Holme Olstrup Station på I

Holme Olstrup Station på II

Holme Olstrup Station på III

Bygning af Holme Olstrup på

Eller byg den fra grunden selv (i N):

Billedserie af virkelighedens Holme Olstrup på  Høng Tølløse Modeljernbane


Station med perron

Heljan 712

370 x 120 x 70

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 200 (2009)









Station "Wandersheim"

Heljan 1712


240 x 95 x 110

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 175 (2009)










Station fra 1910

Heljan 1750

325 x 110 x 90 mm

Listepris DKK 200 (2009)

Også set som 1650.

Videbæk / Langesø station. Skulle efter sigende være i skala 1:110.

Mads, Sporskiftet: Jeg synes stationen er en pæn lille en. Det har ikke den store effekt, at den skulle være i 1:110. Efter at soklen og vinduesbundstykkerne fik en gang hvid Pinotex, blev den bare super flot! Jeg har valgt at lave den som en ''museumsstation''. Derfor har den fået seværdighedstegnet i hjørnet.
Jeg har også valgt at kalde den for Søby, da det passer bedst ind på mit modul, hvor den skal bruges!

Billeder © Mads H, Sporskiftet med tilladelse:

Tysk banegård

Heljan 1752

400 x 170 x 120 mm

Listepris DKK 225 (2009)













Heljan 1755

272 x 112 x 90 mm.

Listepris DKK 150 (2009)












Station "Schunmünzach"

Heljan 1756

Tysk banegård

Ikke på lager (jan 2009)

Listepris DKK 250 (2009)








Heljan 1860

200 x 70 x 80 mm

Listepris DKK 100 (2009)







Kommentarer til Heljan byggesæt:

Flere af de gamle sæt er i skala 1:100-110.

Se også Heljan kommentarer på Høng Tølløse Model Jernbane.


KibriKibri Stations


Kibri 9357

Stationssæt med stationsbygning, 2 perroner med overdækning, signalpost og fodgængerbro.

Udkom i 2002

Pris: Set på tilbud til DKK 1.765


Station "Wilhelmsbad"

Kibri 9358

Pris: Set på tilbud til DKK 690 (2009)






Station "Oberzell"

Kibri 9359





Station "Freiberg"

Kibri 9360

Pris: Set til € 62,99 (2009)





Station "St. Maggiore"

Kibri 9361

Pris: Set til DKK 220 (2009)







Station "Stuttgart Rohr"

Kibri 9362

Pris: Set til DKK 140 (2009)

Set på tilbud til 98 (2009)







Station "Barental"

Kibri 9363








Station "Kottenforst"

Kibri 9364

Same as 9500

Pris: Set til DKK 340 (2009)




Station "Oberzeisel"

Kibri 9365







Station "Feldafing"

Kibri 9366

Er ikke på Kibris hjemmeside men sælges bl.a. i Wunderland online shop (2009)

640 x 190 x 170 mm

Se hvordan Kim har patineret den på KA-Modeltog


Station "Fürstenberg"

Kibri 9367

Set til € 38.99

420 x 150 x 140 mm




Station "Eschborn"

Kibri 9368

340 x 130 x 145 mm





Station "Schapen"

Kibri 9369

Pris: Set til DKK 175 (2009)






Station "Oberried"

Kibri 9370

Station from Switzerland

Nyhed 2006

320-555 x 160 x 140 mm

Listepris: €36.50

Station "Calw"

Kibri 9371

New 2006

Also sold as Kibri 9518.

550 x 160 x 160 mm

Listeprice: €54.90

Henho, sporskiftet: Ældre Volmer- og Kibri-modeller er også for "små" f.eks. Bahnhof Calw fra Kibri.

Station "Solis"

Kibri 9372

Nyhed 2006

335 x 140 x 115 mm

Listepris: €28.50





Station "Bonn"

Kibri 9373

990 x 255 x 175 mm

Listepris: €93.50

Se Bahnhof Bonn på Klarsyns loftsbane på Sporskiftet

See pictures of the real Bonn Station (half way down on the page)

Station "Frasdorf"

Kibri 9374

315 x 185 x 120 mm

Listepris: €35.50




Station "Tubbergen"

Kibri 9375

436 x 155 x 155 mm

Listepris: €36.50





Station "Beckingen"

Kibri 9376

Listepris: €26.00







Station "Zevenbergen"

Kibri 9377

Pris: Set til € 58.50 (2009)

Set på tilbud til € 24.90 (2009)

More pictures of the building process can be viewed here:

Station "Linden"

Kibri 9378

Pris: Set til € 25.00 (2009)

Set på tilbud til € 11.90 (2009)




Station "Remicourt"

Kibri 9379

Station from Belgium.

Pris: Set til € 87.00 (2009)

Set på tilbud til € 39.90 (2009)



Station "Horn"

Kibri 9380

Nyhed 2008

370 x 140 x 130 mm



Station "Kienbach"

Kibri 9387

Nyhed 2008

Set til € 70.95

760 x 230 x 190 mm



Station "Grasbrunn"

Kibri 9388

Nyhed 2008

Set til € 32.95

315 x 185 x 120 mm




Station Set "Oberzeisel"

Kibri 9399

Station, signal box & goods shed kit

Pris: Set til $ 61.19 (2009)


Station "Allendorf"

Kibri 9483

Pris: Set til $47.59 (2009)







Station "Häusermoos Emmental"

Kibri 9490

Kibri 9490

Out of stock







Station "Paulinzella"

Kibri 9491

255 x 155 x 140 mm

Set til DKK 345 (2009)






Station "Reichelsheim"

Kibri 9492

Som danske stationer på Østsjælland og Østfyn. Stor lighed med Vallø Station.

240 x 140 x 140 mm

Set til DKK 325 (2009)




Station Neu-Ulm


Kibri 9496


Tak til

Station "Litzirüti"

Kibri 9497

Kibri 9497

Out of stock







Station "Dettingen"

Kibri 9498

Kibri 9498

Same as Kibri 9507?




Station "Fischbach"

Kibri 9499

Kibri 9499





Station "Kottenforst"

Kibri 9500

Kibri 9500

Out of stock

Same as 9364




Station "Fürstenberg"

Kibri 9501

Kibri 9501

Out of stock



Kibri 9502

Station "Eschbroon"

Kibri 9502

Out of stock




Station "Mondstein"

Kibri 9503

Kibri 9503

Out of stock







Station "Langenthal"

Kibri 9504

430 x 140 x 150 mm

Set til DKK 325 (2009)





Station "Lötschberg"

Kibri (5)9505

Kibri (5)9505

Same as 9508

Peter Larsson: Stationen forestiller stationen "Blausee-Mitholz" i Kandertal i Schweiz.



Station "Dettingen"

Kibri 9507

340 x 120 x 150 mm

Listepris: €33.50





Station "Blausee-Mitholz"

Kibri 9508

Kibri 9508

Original: "Blausee-Mitholz" in Kandertal in Switzerland.

Same as 9505

34 x 12 x 12 cm

Station "Burg-Spreewald"

Kibri 9509

250 x 160 x 200 mm





Station Altburg


Kibri 9512


Tak til

Station "Solis"

Kibri 9513

Kibri 9513

Same as 9372






Station Kehl

ki9514Kibri 9514


Tak til

Station "Königsmoor"

Kibri 9515

Kibri 9515







Station building

Kibri 9521

Set til DKK 1.295 (2009)



Station "Blankenberg"

Kibri 9529

Small Town Brick Station

Pris: Set til DKK 500

Set til € 70 (2009)

Station "Steinheim"

Kibri B-9531

Kibri B-9531

Nyhed 2009

Old Kibri 9531






Station "Altkirchen"

Kibri 9532

Kibri 9532




Station "Rumpelhausen"

Kibri 9839

Nyhed 2009





MaKaMo LogoMaKaMo Stations

MaKaMo Modellbogendesign (Magdeburg Kartonmodell)


Station "Niederkornitz"

mkmNiederkornitz2 400

MaKaMo 1 01 87 MC

Das Vorbild dieses Modells stand als Station „Körner“ als Zwischenbahnhof an der Nebenbahnstrecke Mühlhausen (Thüringen) – Ebeleben. Der Bahnhof wurde nach Lenzschen Normalien gebaut und war in dieser Form sehr oft zu finden. Aus diesem Grunde wurde für das Modell der Fantasiename „Niederkornitz“ gewählt.
Durch seine einfache und klare Architektur (preußischer Baustil) kann dieses Empfangsgebäude auf der Modellbahnanlage vielfältig aufgestellt werde. Außer vielleicht im äußersten Süden Deutschlands oder in den Alpen, passt es in nahezu alle Modellbahnlandschaften und kann eingesetzt werden, als Bahnhof einer Kleinbahn, Nebenbahn, Schmalspurbahn, selbst als Zwischenbahnhof an einer Hauptstrecke kann der Einsatz erfolgen.

Carton. Parts: 920

25,5 x 7,6 x 12,3 cm

Listprice: € 21,00 (2013)

Station "Ackendorf"

mkmAckendorf2 400

MaKaMo 1 05 87 MC

1887 wurde die im damaligen Preußen gelegene Strecke Haldensleben – Eilsleben eröffnet, zunächst bis Hakenstedt, kurz darauf folgte die Endverbindung bis Eilsleben. Die Strecke beinhaltete insgesamt 10 Stationen und zwar Haldensleben, Haldensleben-Alt, Hundisburg, Ackendorf, Schackensleben, Nordgermersleben, Brumby-Emden, Erxleben-Uhrsleben, Hakenstedt und Eilsleben. Nahezu gleiche Gebäude wie im vorliegenden Modellbogen waren in Hundisburg, Schackensleben, Brumby-Emden und Hakenstedt. Erweitert durch angesetzten Querbau war Haldensleben-Alt. Nordgermersleben und Erxleben-Uhrsleben hatten größere zweiteilige Stationsgebäude und andere Nebengebäude als die Vorgenannten. Haldensleben und Eilsleben haben jeweils völlig eigenständige und wesentlich größere Empfangsgebäude mit Stadtcharakter.
Ich beabsichtige, in zwangloser Folge alle Bahnhöfe und Nebengebäude dieser Strecke, einschließlich der Wassertürme etc. einmal als Modellbögen herauszubringen. Die Originalgleispläne von allen Stationen liegen mir vor, müssen aber noch ein wenig aufbereitet werden. Interessenten hierfür können mich kontaktieren.
Die gesamte Strecke durch die fruchtbare Magdeburger Börde war vom Zuckerrübenanbau geprägt. So ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass in 5 der genannten Orte Zuckerfabriken mit Gleisanschlüssen gebaut wurden. Der Personenverkehr wurde im Mai 1999 eingestellt, kurz darauf auch der Güterverkehr und die Strecke somit stillgelegt.
Das vorliegende Modell ist außerordentlich reich detailliert und wird dem Anspruch an ein Supermodell uneingeschränkt gerecht. Die lupenreine preußische Bauweise ist so typisch, dass das Modell in allen Eisenbahnepochen und fast allen Regionen auf der Modellbahnanlage eingesetzt werden kann.

Carton. 1658 parts

11,4 x 9,2 x 12,5 cm

Listprice: € 39,00 (2013)

Station "Bad Soden am Taunus"

Station Bad Soden

MaKaMo 1 13 87 MC

Empfangsgebäude mit historischem Wintergarten
In der Kurstadt Bad Soden am Taunus ist ein historisch gesehen sehr alter Endbahnhof beheimatet, der am 22.Mai 2007 sein 160-jähriges Jubiläum begeht. Den Kern dieses Bahnhofsensembles bildet ein stattliches denkmalgeschütztes Empfangsgebäude, in einer äußerst ästhetischen architektonischen Komposition. Schönheitsattribute unterliegen immer persönlichen Empfindungen, aber dieses Bahnhofsgebäude ist vielleicht eines der schönsten in der gesamten Bundesrepublik.

Carton. 2200 parts.

52,0 x 19,7 x 21.5 cm.

Listprice: € 66,00 (2013)

Station Hasselfelde

mkmHasselfelde 400

MaKaMo: 1 18 087 MC

Hasselfelde ist die letzte Station der früheren Gernrode-Harzgeroder Eisenbahn (GHE). Heute gehört dieser Bahnhof zum homogenen Netz der Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB) "Selketalbahn" mit einem 1000 mm Schmalspurnetz. Die Station ist noch heute in Betrieb.

Der Baukörper des Bahnhofs Hasselfelde ist klar gegliedert in zwei durch einen Mittellängsbau verbundene Querbauten. An einen Querbau schließt sich ein Güterschuppen an, an den zweiten ein Gastwirtschaftsanbau. Der Güterschuppen endet mit einer langen Kopframpe. Dem Gastwirtschaftsanbau ist eine kleine Außenterrasse vorgesetzt. Der gesamte Bau ist holzverbrettert und an den Bretterfugen noch einmal extra überleistet. Die letzte größere Renovierung, vermutlich Ende der 90-er Jahre, lässt das Erdgeschoß wie im heutigen Modell erscheinen.

Carton.1720 parts.

44,5 x 16,0 x 11,0

Listprice: : € 49,50 (2013)

Station "Ziesar"

mkmZiesar2 400

MaKaMo 1 15 87 MC

Dieses Modell stellt eine absolut vorbildgerechte Nachbildung des Ostbahnhofs bzw. Hauptbahnhofs Ziesar (sprich: „Zi – esar“) dar. Das Vorbild zu diesem Modell wurde als letzter von insgesamt 3 Bahnhöfen in Ziesar gebaut.
Die „Kleinbahn AG Ziesar-Groß Wusterwitz“ (KZG) beschloss am 21. Februar 1914 den Bau einer Verbindung Ziesar- Güsen an der Strecke Berlin- Magdeburg. Zugleich wurde die Gesellschaft in „Ziesarer Kleinbahn AG“ umbenannt. Bedingt durch die Umstände des I. Weltkrieges, konnten Streckenbau und Inbetriebnahme nur etappenweise erfolgen. Die gesamte Strecke über 25,6 km Länge war für den Personen-und Güterverkehr am 2. April 1917 verfügbar. Der Bau des stattlichen und attraktiven Empfangsgebäudes, das dieser Modellkonstruktion als Vorbild diente, begann im Februar 1916. Bereits im November 1916 war es fertiggestellt. Zieht man in Betracht, dass das Ganze mitten im I. Weltkrieg geschah und dass wir es mit einem sehr aufwändigen Bauwerk zu tun haben, muss man eine erstaunlich kurze Bauzeit bestätigen. In den 90-er Jahren kam dann das Strecken-„Aus“ und es bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass dieses schöne Empfangsgebäude nicht auch das Schicksal vieler seiner Leidensgefährten zu teilen hat und eines Tages der Abrissbirne zum Opfer fällt.
Architektonisch betrachtet, haben wir es mit einem sehr gefälligen und harmonisch gegliederten Baukörper zu tun. Vom Grundsatz her dominiert die preußische Klinkerbauweise in Kreuzverbandmauerung. In den gesamten Baukörperentwurf sind deutliche Jugendstilelemente, wie die gemauerten Giebelrosetten und die zahlreichen Fledermausgauben eingeflossen und mit höchstem handwerklichen Können ausgeführt worden. Hinzu kommen noch zahlreiche, ebenfalls gemauerte Fassadenzierelemente. Ein besonderes Bonbon sind die riesigen Bogenfenster im Erdgeschoss mit der reichen Fenstersprossenteilung. Diese schönen Fenster fanden später leider einen recht schmucklosen Ersatz, der der Gesamtwirkung des Gebäudes einen deutlichen Abbruch tat. Die gewaltige Dachfläche ist reich gegliedert und in aufwändiger Biberschwanz-Kronendeckung eingedeckt. Im Erdgeschoss waren Dienst-und Warteräume sowie die stattliche „Bahnhofswirtschaft Oskar Meyer“ untergebracht. Im ersten Obergeschoss befanden sich mehrere Wohnungen und im Dachgeschoss waren Fremdenzimmer.Die anderen Gebäude dieses Ziesarer Bahnhofs haben genau die gleiche architektonische Gestaltung und Bauweise wie das Empfangsgebäude und stammen wahrscheinlich vom Reißbrett ein-und desselben Architekten. Genau diese harmonische Geschlossenheit macht das Ensemble für den Modelleisenbahner so interessant. Deshalb dürfen sich alle Modelleisenbahner und Modellbaufreunde auf die drei weiteren Komponenten des Bahnhofs Ziesar freuen, die ich gleichfalls ins Modell umsetzen werde und die ich dann in zwangloser Folge als Teil II - Nebengebäude (Trockenaborte, Waschhaus, Stallungen, Taubenboden) Teil III- Güterschuppen Teil IV – Bw (Werkstatt/Materiallager, 2-ständiger Lokschuppen, Wasserturm – alle 3 Bw-Komponenten zu einer geschlossenen Einheit harmonisch zusammengebaut) herausgeben werde.

Carton. 1920 parts.

23,0 x 13,8 x 15,7.

Listprice: 49,50 € (2013)


marklinMärklin Stations

Station "Märklingen"

Märklin 72797

Typical branch line station with sheds. Era I through V. The doors on the sheds can be opened.

New 2009 but expected 2010

210 x 110 x 95 mm



Station "Lachenheim"

Märklin 72798

Small town train station constructed of bricks. Eras I-V.

New 2009

310 x 103 x 135 mm

Price: Listprice € 39,95 (2009). Seen to € 29,99 (2009)




Trix Stations

Station "Dammtor"

Trix 66115Station Dammtor

Made by Heljan for Trix. Prototype made by Flemming Søeborg, Banen.

Building kit of a large metropolitan station with four through tracks. This basic kit is shortened by four window areas. The station hall can be extended to the scale length of 1,340 mm / 52-3/4" with the 66117 extension building kit. This is a challenging kit, and the required time to build it is about 60-70 hours. This kit has multi-language building instructions. This station can be used for any era. Area dimensions approximately 590 x 960 mm / 23" x 38". The rails for the tracks sit 70 mm / 2-3/4" above a layout's baseboard. Total height of the station is about 290 mm / 12". The station train shed has skylights to let in light and it spans four elevated tracks. The waiting area with the ticket counter and businesses is on the ground floor. The height of the subbed for the track is the same as the Faller* metropolitan railroad viaducts, item nos. 120486 and 120569, and the metropolitan railroad bridges, item nos. 120551 and 120487. The width of the station platforms is 92 mm / 3-5/8" and can be extended to outside of the train shed with the Faller* train platforms, item nos. 120181 and 120185.

The Hamburg-Dammtor Station was built between 1901 and 1903. Government Superintendent of Civil Engineering Schwartz and the architect R?dell designed this totally symmetrical station. The light colored sandstone fa?ades on the ground level, the delicate, immense glass surfaces with pillars clad in sandstone and the monumental center fa?ade area resulted in a marvelous civil engineering project for the railroad. This solid 112 meter / 367 foot long Jugendstil building was Hamburg?s presentation station at which such high guests as Kaiser Wilhelm II were received when he wanted to attend the Hamburg Trade Fair. When the Kaiser stepped off of his train here for the first time, he is supposed to have said, "Looks rather nice." Typical Prussian understatement meant as high praise. Special princely rooms on the ground floor had been set up for the reception of high royalty. The English King Edward VII was also received here in 1904. Based on a similar situation in Berlin, bilevel stations came into being through the city, when the four-track expansion of the connecting rail line was built. The waiting room area was at street level, while the platforms were situated above it. This did away with the need for grade crossings and crossing gates in the city. At the dedication on July 7, 1903, there was a simultaneous celebration of the closing of the old Dammtor Station and the opening of the new magnificent station shed. Today many Hamburgers and railroad enthusiasts regard this freshly renovated station now as ever as the Hamburg?s secret main station. From the Kaiser?s train to the classic F-Zug express with a V 200, to the elegant VT 11.5, from the legendary 103 with Intercity trains to the ICE, the prototype of our station has seen it all, the classics of the rails. It therefore also offers a worthy stage for the appearance of the classic stars of every model railroad collection. Despite its imposing size, this station is just right for a model railroad, since no additional space next to the tracks is required for the head house with its waiting rooms, etc.

This building kit is being produced as part of the Trix theme "Gateway to the World". * Faller is a registered trademark of the firm Gebr. Faller GmbH, G?tenbach, Germany.

New 2003

Impressive German site with this station:

More on Mä

And on Het Groterdam Project:

List price: €319,95

mkbMKB Modelle - Modellbau Kai Brenneis

Forhandles af Togcenter Gentofte (

Station "Rüthen"

MKB 201

Laserskåret karton.

560 x 120 x 130 mm

Pris:  € 97,46 Euro (2009)

Set til DKK 899 (2009)


Station "Weissenberg"

MKB 208

Laserskåret karton.

170 x 125 x 125 mm

Set til DKK 598 (2009)







Station "Amelinghausen-Sottorf"

MKB 212

Laserskåret karton.

380 x 120 x 130 mm

Pris:  € 78,99 (2009).

Set til DKK 725 (2009)







Station "Escherhausen"

MKB 213

Laserskåret karton.

500 x 105 x 130 mm

Pris: € 85,14 (2009)

Set til DKK 725 (2009)







Station "Eschershausen" - mainbuilding

MKB 214

Laserskåret karton.

130 x 95 x 130 mm

Pris:  €29,75 (2009)








Station "Eschershausen" - secondary building

MKB 215

MKB 215

Laserskåret karton.

125 x 105 x 115 mm

Pris:  €29,75 (2009)








Station "Wasserburg"

MKB 217

MKB 217

Bayrischer Bahnhof

Carton. 510 parts

392 x 117 x 130 mm

Listprice: € 66.68






Station "Bispingen"

MKB 218

MKB 218

Laserskåret karton.

220 x 120 x 130 mm

Pris:  € 49,24 (2009)







Italiensk station

MKB 506

Laserskåret karton.

285 x 130 x 140 mm

Pris:  € 45,00 (2009)








Italiensk station

MKB 507

Laserskåret karton.

165 x 130 x 140 mm

Pris: € 40,00







Station "Engesvang"

MKB 540

Model af banegården i Engelsvang.
Byggesættet er af laserskåret karton og foto papir.
Sammenlimningen af byggesættet sker med almindelig hvid snedkerlim.
Banegården består af følgende dele hovedbygning, galleri og toiletbygning.

343 x 115 x 130 mm

Lars Skjærlund, sporskiftet: Generelt kan jeg godt lide sættet: Det er dejlig nemt, at man ikke skal spekulere på maling, og tingene er generelt skåret pænt ud. Dog var der nogle helligdage, jeg sagde grimme ord meget højt, da jeg blev nødt til at håndskære en af de takkede detaljer, fordi laserskæringen var for sjusket.

Kresten, Sporskiftet: Ja, det tog godt nok lang tid, men var også meget sjovere end de sædvanlige plast-byggesæt. Men taget var den mest "trælse" del - det tog timevis at udskære og lægge alle de små strimler på.

Leonard, Sporskiftet: Stationen hedder Engesvang uden l, det er bare tyskerne der har stavet forkert. Den findes endnu, der midt i Jylland og ligger også i en æske i et skab hos mig og venter på at jeg får tid til at gå igang.

Se mere på Sporskiftet: Engesvang station

Se huset blive samlet her.

Pris: Set til DKK 598 (2009)

Værløse Station

mkbTCG01 Vaerlose StationMKB TCG01

Laserskåret karton.

Pris: Set til DKK 498 (2009)







Station "Lunderskov"


Togcenter Gentofte. Udgået??

Laserskåret karton.

Se mere på:

Station "Dragør"


Laserskåret karton.

Pris: DKK 799





Station "Nord Belge"



Belgian station

In coorporation with TST Train Service Daenckert Belgium.

New 2009






Station "Nørrebro"

mkbNoerrebro_02_400 TCG 26

Togcenter gentofte

Nyhed 2010

Pris: DKK ?








Station "Vriezenveen"

mkbVriezenveenMKB i samarbejde med Train-Service Daenckert

Mere info på:







modelpowerModel Power Stations

Station & Freight Shed

Model Power 427

Listepris: $27.98 (2009)


2 Story Station

ModelPower 480

5" x 9.5"

Listepris: $29.98 (2009)




Whistle Stop Station

Model Power 562

Lighted w/2 figures

Listepris: $21.98




Station "Redwood"

Model Power 564

Lighted w/2 figures

Listepris: $34.98 (2009)



Station "Durango"

ModelPower 566

Listepris: $30.98

Lighted w/2 figures


Station w/ Freight Shed

Model Power 570

Lighted w/2 figures

Listepris: $35.98

Silverado-Deluxe Station

ModelPower 605

Listepris: $27.98 (2009)

Station "Chester/Diö"

ModelPower 676

Ready build! Swedish Station Diö. The station is  called Chester, but the original is the swidish Diö. Incl. 2 painted figures.

Listeprice: $31.98

Price: Found for SKR 247 (2009)


ModelPower 676


Pictures of the real Diö:

Forumtalk about Diö:


 Foto: Peter Larsson


Andre stationer


Railway Station

Heico HC 8000 (Hornby)

Resin. Ready Built

New 2009

Listprice:  € 39,90


Heico HC8000








Heico HC8018

Railway Station

Heico HC 8018 (Hornby)



Heico HC8022

Railway Station

Heico HC 8022 (Hornby)








Svensk station


Jeco 77400

Svensk station i skala 1/87 som er færdigbygget. Lavet i resin. Leveres omkring 1. oktober 2010. Stationen har målene 160 x 95 mm og godsdelen 120x82 mm

Se også stationen i 3D på


Busch Station



Busch 1030

Price: Set til DKK 150,00












Trip Trap miniaturesTripTrap Station

Vrads Station

Foto: henho, Sporskiftet

Trip Trap

Lavet af mat keramik. Glasset i vinduerne er malet med blank maling.













1352 Station.


Pris: Set på tilbud til DKK 125 (2009)












Waiting room with shed "Weissenbach"

mo100101Moba-Art 100 101

Model of a small waiting room as they were on some branch lines or bus stops - or even still exists.
5 seats can be set up both in the waiting room and outside it. Engraved inner walls and 2 name signs complete the kit.
Also included: Model of a small tool shed which can stand both with railway facilities, in fields, in the forest or also in a garden.
The kit is from coloured untreated wood, with window foil and roofing felt.

Waiting room 72 x 42 x 42 mm
Shed 42 x 29 x 36 mm



Haltepunkt Punt Muragl

mo100300mobaArt 100 300

Für alle Freunde der Rhätischen Bahn: Der Haltepunkt Punt Muragl als detailgetreuer Nachbau in der aktuellen Ausführung. Mitten im Engadin im Bahndreieck St.Moritz/Pontresina/Samedan gelegen, ist die unscheinbare Bahnstation auch Startpunkt der Zahnradbahn auf den Aussichtsberg Muottas Muragl.

Auf Grund seiner schlichten Bauart ist das Gebäude auch für viele andere Einsatzzwecke geeignet. Bausatz aus farblich unbehandeltem Holz, mit Fensterfolie und Kunststoff-Dach und -Regenrinnen.

ca. 75 x 75 x 42  mm


RhB-railway station „Rueun“

mo100303mobaArt 100 303

Ein  Spitzen-Bausatz  für  höchste  Ansprüche. Das mit vielen feinsten Details ausgestattete Modell ist eine exakte Nachbildung des Bahnhofes  Rueun,  der  an  der  Linie  Chur – Disentis  liegt,  die  tagtäglich  vom  Glacier-Express Chur / St. Moritz – Zermatt befahren wird. Bausatz  komplett  aus  Holz,  Zurüstteile  (Regenrinnen,   Fallrohre,   Schuppendach   aus Kunststoff).

ca. 220 x 132 x 90 mm




Hennan station

mo100304mobaArt 100 304

Model af den svenske station Hennan.

213 x 180 x 135 mm

Link til stationen på Moba Art

Hennan station på Modellralleren








1033 Station


Set til DKK 350 (2009)






1038 Trinbræt/venterum


Set til DKK 145 (2009)







Country Station Building

Peco LK12

Peco LK-12

Brick type








Country Station Building

Peco LK13

Peco LK-13

Stone type








Wills CK16

Country Station Brick Type

Wills CK16










Andre producenter:


pikoPiko Stations - stationer

Suburban Station

Piko 61112

390 x 100 x 55 mm

Pris:  € 44.25 (2008)



Bahnhof "Neustadt"

Piko 61800


Pris: Set til  € 18.95


Bahnhof "Burgstein"

Piko 61820

300 x 130 x 129 mm

Udkom 3 kvartal 2003

Pris: € 10.00 (2008)




Bahnhof Setpi61923_400.jpg

Piko 61923

Bahnhof Set.
    Bahnhof Neustadt - 300 x 130 x 129mm.
    Bahnsteig Neustadt - 263 x 77 x 67mm.
    Lokschuppen Neustadt - 247 x 119 x 105mm.
    Stellwerk Neustadt - 109 x 65 x 94mm.
    Siedlungshaus "Carla" - 105 x 99 x 99mm.


Real Modell Stations


Hejlsminde station

Real Modell

Lavet i resin.

285 x 120 x 126 mm

Pris: € 129

Se mere om Hejlsminde station på

Hejlsminde station fra Real Modell

Hejlsminde station

Bahnhof Hohn

Real Modell

Lavet i resin.

229 x 140 x 150

Byggesæt hvid, pris: € 119
Byggesæt farvet, pris: € 149
Færdigsamlet, pris: € 810

Se mere på


Bahnhof Lippramsdorf

Real Modell

Billede endnu ikke offentliggjort.

Billedet th. er i scala 0. Se flere flotte billeder på: og klik på billederne.

Nyhed 04/2009



stangelStangel Stations

Bahnhof "Sonnenborn"

Bausatz für selbstmontage besteht aus 214 elementen (kunstoff, zinnguß, geätzte messingteile).

Best.-NR BS. H0/031    

Pris: € 174,50







Bahnhof "Wathlingen"

st_bahnhof_wathlingenDer Bahnhof der nicht mehr existierenden, lokalen Linie Celle-Braunschweig aus Wathlingen.

Einfache, aber interessante Architektur, Hauptgebäude mit dem Lager und Innenstellwerk. Das Modell wurde mit der Lasertechnik ausgeführt.

Es besteht aus 380 Elementen von verschiedenen Dicken der Kartons und anderen Ergänzungsmaterialien.

Mehrere Informationen über den Bahnhof und Bahnlinie kann man unter Bahnstrecke_Celle - Braunschweig finden.

Nyhed 2010

Billede af Armin Mühl:

Bahnhof Wathlingen 1

Bahnhof Wathlingen 2







vollmerVollmer Stations

Märklin Anniversary Station

Vollmer 3150

Congratulations to Märklin for it's 150 years anniversary. Vollmer congratulates with this Anniversary Station, limited to 1500 pieces. This Station is especially dedicated and designed to Märklin for this event. Not many companies can look back to 150 years of history and Märklin can be proud of it. We wish all the Best!

To this anniversary station belongs an entrance building, a waiting hall, an integrated platform and a jubillee sign. The model has been designed like stations in Wurttemberg at this time.

33,8 x 12,8 x 15 cm

Nyhed 03/2009

Pris: Set til € 27.95

Station "Spatzenhausen"

Vollmer 3501

A typical railway station,

33,8 x 13,7 x 12,5 cm






Station "Moritzburg"

Vollmer 3502

Station "Moritzburg" is an imposing station. The many little details draw attention for this model placed in your layout. It's a busy spot. People come and go. It's a station where people hang out.

53 x 15 x 18 cm

Station "Kitzlingen"

Vollmer 3503

34 x 13,5 x 15 cm











Station "Kleckersdorf"

Vollmer 3504

31 x 10,3 x 13,5 cm









Station "Waldbronn"

Vollmer 3505

A typical railway station, neatly detailed design, typical for Vollmer quality.

31 x 15 x 13 cm






Station "Altenkirchen"

Vollmer 3506

Nyhed 2007

56,5 x 18 x 14  cm

Same design but smaller: See 3509







Stop "Spatzenhausen"

Vollmer 3507

16 x 10,5 x 12,5 cm










Station "Bad Wimpfen"

Vollmer 3508

35,8 x 18,5 x 18,5 cm

The real station Bad Wimpfen








Station "Altenburg"

Vollmer 3509

36 x 18 x 14 cm

Same design but larger: See 3506







Highland Station "Neuffen"

Vollmer 3510

Half-timbered. A typical highland station. Terminus of the secondary line Nurtingen - Neuffen, close to the mountain ruin Neuffen. The original was built end of 20th century. The Vollmer model shows all the details perfectly.

41 x 13,5 x 16,5 cm






Station "Wildbach"

Vollmer 3512

34 x 17 x 15,3 cm




Station "Därligen"

Vollmer 3515

Station from Switzerland. Real Station at the BLS route: Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon.

34,5 x 13,5 x 15 cm

Movie of the real Station Därligen on youtube (Low quality)

Pictures on




Station "Laufenmühle"

Vollmer 3518

The station "Laufenmühle" is a prominent stop on the Wieslauftal track in the good old time. By today the building is being used as a tourist cafe. A romantic set in Southern Germany near Welzheim. Half-timbered.

27 x 16 x 12,4 cm





Station "Schwarzhofen“

Vollmer 3519

Little station used for goods’ transition. This little station „Schwarzhofen“ is used for goods’ transition. It is rustique and can be easily placed at the train track in a countryside area.

14 x 14 x 8,8 cm





Station "Benediktbeuern"

Vollmer 3520

A typical Station of Bayern

400 x 140 145 mm

Pris: Set til DKK 230. Set på tilbud til DKK 199

Pris: Set til € 32 (2009)




Station "Burghausen"

Vollmer 3522

The Station „Burghausen“ invites for making holidays in Germany.

It is a very impressive building with a length of 44,6 cm, with two wings and one central tract. The triangle oriel towards the track side give a nice impression of the front. The main entrance towards the street side is covered. The platform next to the building is included.

44,6 x 12,5 x 14 cm

Nyhed 07/2009

Station "Tonbach"

Vollmer 3524

33,8 x 13,7 x 12,5 cm

New 2006







Station "Schönwies"

Vollmer 3525

25 x 12,8 x 7,6 cm








Station "Bad Berg"

Vollmer 3526

24 x 12 x 11 cm





Station "Reith"

Vollmer 3530

This train station fits especially for medium or small size layouts.

27,3 x 16,5 x 13 cm







Rheinburg station

vo3530IIVollmer 3530 (II)

Tak til

Hochstadt station

vo3540Vollmer 3540

Tak til

Station "Baden-Baden"

Vollmer 3560

78 x 16 x 20 cm





Station "Nordstadt"

Vollmer 3561

540 x 160 x 160mm

Pris: Set til € 39.99 (2009)





Station "Berwang"

Vollmer 9050

An article from the inexpensive vollmer H0-beginner program "Start and Save". See other articles from this series 9050 to 9300.

27,3 x 16,5 x 13 cm






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