My 1 2 87 presents: Helix Calculator - Gleiswendel berechner - Spindel beregner

Helix Calculator ver. 1.1 - free download

 - for calculation of hexagon helix for model railways.HelixCalculator.jpg


  • Plate lengths
  • Plate width
  • Slopes for all tracks


  • Support for 1-4 tracks
  • Also calculation of elongated (oval) helixs
  • Instant visualization of the helix
  • Easy to install - easy to use.

New in version 1.1:

  • Save to file
  • Language now in English flag_uk, german flag_de, dutch flag_nl and danish flag_dk.

For Windows XP and Windows 7.

The installer can be downloaded here:

flag_ukHelixCalculatorInstall-1.1.1 - Just click, save and run.



For construction of the helix, see:
  My 1 2 Min anden helix (in danish - use the Translate button to the left)
  My 1 2 Min tredie helix (in danish - use the Translate button to the left) Gleiswendel (in German). My inspiration.
More inspiration:
  My 1 2 Helix
  My 1 2 Min første helix

Thanks to Lars (German) and Gert (Holland) for translations.

27. sep. 2012